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Is your team ready to face its worst (working) day?

Dave Greenberg partners with organisations in high-risk environments, providing proven frameworks for quickly shifting from chaos to business as usual, enabling them to navigate any high-impact event confidently.

Mastering Crisis Management

Watch this video to see Dave Greenberg in action, delivering unparalleled expertise in incident and crisis management, keynote speaking, and workshops designed to prepare your team for their toughest challenges.

Dave Greenberg

With over 25 years of experience as a rescue crewman on the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in Wellington, New Zealand, Dave Greenberg has seen it all. His extensive background includes serving as a Response Manager on New Zealand’s COVID-19 Outbreak Response Team. Dave’s unique insights and hands-on experience make him a sought-after expert in crisis management, keynote speaking, and team preparedness workshops.

Keynote vs. Workshops: A Comparative Overview

From Chaos to Control

Dave Greenberg’s signature keynote that transforms organizational chaos into structured control.

Engaging Storytelling

Proven Strategies

Real-Life Examples

Actionable Insights

Scenarios - Validation Without Harm

A workshop focused on validating crisis scenarios to prepare teams without causing harm.

Interactive Exercises

Risk-Free Validation

Team Collaboration

Expert Guidance

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