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CRISIS / SAFETY MANAGEMENT keynotes or an entertaining and exciting after dinner speech customised for your conference

Dave Greenberg sitting in door of rescue helicopter rescuing an injured truck driver

Dave was the keynote speaker for our ServiceIQ Business Briefings, which involved 14 events from one end of the country to the other.

He was entertaining and interesting, and the feedback after each event was excellent, with people finding Dave’s talk engaging and well worth their time attending.

Dave is very easy to work with, taking on board the purpose of the event and integrating this into his keynote as appropriate. He also adapted his talk and style to each venue and audience size, whether a big crowd in Auckland or a more intimate group in small centres.

As usual with these things, there were last minute issues, none of which phased him. Highly recommended.

Gary Bowering

Marketing and Communications Manager, Service IQ - New Zealand

Some of Dave’s Speaking Topics


Face Crises Differently - avoid the chaos and overwhelm of a crisis

“When everything is a crisis, nothing is a crisis”!

The audience will walk away with two frameworks which will help them handle any incident or crisis differently, leading to a better response, less overwhelm for staff and a high level of confidence from stakeholders.


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Managing risk and keeping people safe in a dynamic environment

“You learn a lot about safety and risk mitigation when you spend time hanging below a moving helicopter”.

This keynote 

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Creating Personal and Organisational Resilience

“Imagine making a decision that could have allowed the Delta variant of Covid19 into New Zealand two weeks before it actually arrived” 

The audience will walk away with a framework which gives them a tool to build the  personal and organisational resilience required when things go wrong. It follows the story of how I used the framework when news organisations were reporting that a “massive mistake” was made by a staff member of the New Zealand Ministry of Health, in dealing with a cargo ship that arrived from Australia with Covid positive sailors aboard.

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Your seminar opened my eyes to how unprepared we were!

Jennifer Jones

Health and Safety Manager, Lower Hutt, New Zealand